Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Week 3

...This week has been great! The language is coming a long and I can now have a very good spanglish conversation! it's really fun to be here! I'm loving the MTC. Things are going well between everyone here so thats a super big blessing to have. This week not a whole lot happened.... well a lot happened actually. On Sunday elder Holland Jr. gave a talk and Elder Holland Sr. attended so it was way cool to see an apostle. Elder Hollands talk was amazing! Oh! I'm also in the choir so I sang praise to man at the talk which way cool. Umm Monday we taught and investigator and that went really well so I'm excited to know more spanish and be able to speak better. Tuesday we had a devotional and it was really good I dont remember who talked but it was on PMG Chap 6 which is Christ-like attributes so it was an awesome talk. I have lots of good notes. Thursday I went to vegas and got my visa. I also got the chance to talk to a man on the plane about everything so it was a really cool experience. Other thant That everything has been quite normal MTC stuff. Anyway I hope that your week will go well! 

 I love you guys!

-Hermana waterlyn

Sunday, February 16, 2014

2nd Week Letter

Hola mi familia! 
Yo tengo learned so much this week especially! I did get to meet Sis. Naef before I left and we got to talk a little bit. So yeah this week was crazy we taught our investigator two more lessons and after the last lesson he agreed to be baptized. 'Course this was a teacher being the investigator but I was excited none the less. I have realized a little bit more on how spiritually taxing and exhausting things can be here and so far my companion has been my biggest blessing because she has had a lot of the same experiences as I've had so having her here is awesome! 

This next week we'll be teaching two new investigators which is really freaking me out but it'll be good for me. The spanish is coming along kind of......... but yeah I know that its better than it was before the mission so yeah! yeah time is definitely how President Palmer described it. the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days so it's really great to see the progression of those around me. We're getting new missionaries this week and as sister trainer leader I get to help them through the ropes! I'm really excited about that. :) It'll go by fast and you won't be ready for me to come home haha. Well I hope all goes well this week and that everything is staying a float haha! Thanks for the prayers and I'm praying for you too! 

Love you Guys!
Hermana Waterlyn 

Monday, February 10, 2014

First Letter!

We received our first email from Makenna on Saturday, but I did not read it until Sunday.  Too much junk mail to sort through.  I have posted it here.

Hola Familia! 
Como estan? The MTC is great everything went really smoothly! I'm Tired but not st the same time regardless of my habits before my mission I'm doing quite well at getting up and being on time. I'm just going to say one thing right now though SPEAKING SPANISH IS REALLY HARD! We have already had a lesson with an investigator and it sort of blew up in our faces.... Yeah. um. Oh! My companion is really great shes is a lot like Natalie so we get a long just as well. :) hm so far its just been classes and orientations this week. we met our branch president on Thursday night and he asked me to be the district sister missionary trainer. Yeah! pretty cool right? all in all I'm really excited to be here it's been such a great experience so far. I love you all and hope all is well at home with out me being there... haha. I bet the house is the same as before I left. Anyway love you guys Have a beautiful rainy week!

 Hermana Waterlyn