Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 5 Letter

That chapter is seriously the best! I learned a lot in Spanish this week, I came back to the apartment and pretty much had headaches from how much studying we've been doing and it's awesome! 

I will use my card this week. We all got this BYU card that automatically gets money put on it so I really don't have to pay for much but I will buy something.  

Brytin was going to quit hm. Well tell her good luck and just be patient. I've had to learn A LOT of that since I've been here so it's good pratice. 

Tell Calyn Feliz cumple anos! Y tener muchisimo divertido. Oh Y Carta me tambien porque yo no tengo ella e-mail! Espanol es muy muy dificil pero esto es muy divertido tambien. Espanol es muy bueno y si. Yo se que ustedes quieren apprender espanol entonces si se puede! Esto es que mi maestros tell nosotros.

Oh Y buenos suerte a el ninos! 

ciao, te ama
-Hermana waterlyn

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