Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 21

June 30, 2014

Okay really quick! Aw camping! I keep forgetting its summer for you guys! Here all it does is rain all day! Its CRAZY!!! 

As for the work everything is going okay! Theres a lot of people who dont want to listen to be honest most of them say IM CATHOLIC! or completely ignore us its actually a little funny sometimes. We have some new investigators who seem really interested. One in specific is a family of five and well Ive only met the mom who is in her late 20s and her two adorable daughters she has a baby but he/she is in the hospital and yeah their adorable reminds me of our family for some reason but yeah its super fun with them and also we have an artist who believwes in many gods and its a little tough with her but were going strong with her one hing that Ived learned is that we need to be direct and not ashamed of who we are as member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. 

One thing that happened this week is that we got cought in the rian and well when we went to our next appointment we were visiting our investigator who has 80 years in her life right now and well she was quite disturbed to see us all wet like drowned rats as she had said haha. Well my skirt had become extemely wet and she could not handle me sitting on her couch so all of suddemn she runs uo stairs and comes back down with a skirt that was toooooo big and was about 40 years old and says change. so I went home with a new skirt that I gave back very quickly haha. That was one experience of my week. Other than that we had a pretty normal week. Oh and Im talking more so theres a good thing from this week too I can now somewhat understand evwerything thing and somewhat speak things are coming along. Well hope all goes well with your 40 hours of work and I hope that your summer is sunny!!!!! 

Love y'all!!! 

-Hermana waterlyn

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