Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 24

July 21, 2014

Anyway yeah I had some interesting experiences for the week they're not very spiritual but they are a little bit funny so.... well one of them is btu anyway so last tuesday I was in the tianguis which is basically a small swap meet but yeah I was in the tianguis and well we were looking for cleaning supplies when a young man about our age statstalking to me and my companion and well at first he was asking questions that were normal such as what church are you from and where do you meet and things like that but one moment it sort of changed he started asking me if we could come visit or if I had any time free and well in the long conversation he bassically asked me out on a date and me companion thankfully helped decline the invitation but he then persisted saying well how about after the mission? And well I explaied to him the I was going home in August and my companion finished by saying in the next year. To say in the least he looked dejected but yeah life goes on for the g├╝era. 

But yeah that was one experience and the other happened on sunday... well yesterday we have had a hard time in my area lately and well a lot of it is that no one wants to go to church and well yesterday we had two less actives and one new investigator in the church and one of the less actives brought the new investigati}or it was awesome!! This was something that I had been praying for, for a very long time and well after my trial of faith and patience the blessing finally came. I really can testify that prayer is one of the most powerful opportunities that we have in oue

Wow Mel is going to live with you guys! that cool. show her lots of love and show her how to trust in the lord. I have another scripture I dont know if you guys will like it but I absoulutely love it. Its in deuteronomy 3:22. Or does it have to be from the Book Of Mormom? Anway I got to go but Yeah have a great week and things will always work out. Tell micah happy birthday for me!!! Im super excited for him to be going to in YMs its going to be super sweet!! 

-Hermana waterlyn

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