Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 23

July 14, 2014

Aw camping.... well the thing is, is that I forgot about the fourth in all honestly sooooo yeah I guess that just means I been woking hard and Im fully immersed which is super good!! No worries!! 

 Anyway I have a super sweet story to share for this week that we really do meet the people that are ready to listen and learn. Okay so it thursday and we were contacting because we were waiting for a member to help us with our appointments and well we had contacted for about 30 min and I was so ready to but sit down because I have this problem with my foot where if Im standing for a long time my arch starts to hurt and well I just was not in the mood to contact it was 8 o clock and I was ready for the last appointment in the day. Well the member calls and says the hell be there in 5 minutes and that were going to meet outside a private housing area. So after my comp had gotten off the phone we were talking a little bit and two women pass us and well my comp didnt seem to want to contact them but all of sudden she turns around and stats to talk with them I joined her and they we talking about how were missionaries and that we give service and for what ever they need we can help and well these women were really surprised that anyone would do something like this but we kept talking a little bit and we stated talking about the church and well one of the women says you guys study the bible no and well we said yes and that we also have another book and she starts testifying of the book and that we had a prophet named joseph smaith and such and such well it just so happened that iu had a book of mormon in my bag and this is wqeird because we never have an extra. I  pulled it out of my bag and gave it to the women and well they said that they were going to take a combe which is a van with a bunch of people but they had decided not to and to walk instead and well of course we gave them our number and well that was the experience of the week other than that we had a pretty tough week but yeah sorry for the novel but yeah that was my experience! 

 I dont have very much time toda because we got to the computers late but Ill try to be on time next week! Bye 
Love y'all

-Hermana waterlyn

Oh and one more this I dyed my hair brown/red well it was red but now its a little more brown anyway I like it!! 

-Hermana waterlyn

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