Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 13


Yep this is the end of my third month and Im welcoming the fourth happily! 

Im sorry the job is being tough but itll get better and you know that. New things are always tough I mean Im in Mexico and you have a new job its the same thing hahaha. Kind of. 

Hahaha yeah somehtings in Mexico are extremely less formal.. But Im getting used to it. And its a little bit of fun.
Haha yes Im eating well. All kinds of food, such as tacos and quesadillas and mole good glory I love mole poblano its looks like chocolate syrup and tastes fantastic!! All I drink is water from a bottle haha. 

That sounds cool. Micah got hurt.... Im sorry... but the golf cart is pretty cool haha. Sunday around 5pm here but I think in Utah its around 4. Also you need a account for skype! I just found this out so I hope it all works. So Sunday at 4! 
A trip to cali founds like a blast! That'll be fun! 
Well not much is new for us just woring a lot and so many contacts we contacted 200 people this last week! Its crazy!!
well I love you all and hope ti\his week is awesome!! See you Sunday!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya all

-Hermana waterlyn

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