Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 10 (no letter week 9)


Well if you write me each week I'll respond hahahaha. Sorry theres not much you should worry about except the fact that I'm Mexico....... hahahaha estoy cheestos. This week was really quick! 
Monday I went to the Doctor because aparently I et so nervous that i shake really badly.. The medicine he gave me is basically B vitamins so I'm not too worried about the effects and it helps me sleep better so thats a plus. Other than that we didnt do much on monday.

Tuesday: We had zone meetings in the morning and I contacted in the tiangise I dont know how to spell that. but the tiangese are like swap meets but bigger and more awesome and everything is cheap in Mexico its like going to a savers with food and its portable. I love them..... Although dont eat the food in them. 

Wednesday:  I went got my  visa! I am now allowed in Mexico! Haha we had to go to another Mission to get them and I got to ride the metro that was super sweet gross and dirty but super sweet! we also went to an art museum after the visas and they have paintings frpm van gogh and all these other famous painters I was in heaven. 

Thursday: we have a mission conference with the entire mission one stake center. we had wake up at 4:30 to make it on time! I was so tired! But it was totally worth it the conference was amazing! I also got to see my first companion!!!! Shes doing awesome and I was so happy to hear that! 

Friday: Was a nomal day! Finally! Not much happened but we taught all of our progressing investigators hahaha all of them are 60 yrs old and oler hahahaha old people are the best!!!  

Saturday: was a normal day too! We visited everyone and talked for ever haha it was a good day we got a lot done. oh! and I've been teaching English! I dont know how but I am! The classes are fun!

Sunday: we visit all of our less actives and just try to helo them want to come back to church and thir relly fun to talk to because you can be a little more strict with them. hahaha no they're all awesome! 

 and yeah thats my week! 
I'm glad that you all got to have fun! Hope all is well!

I love you!

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