Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 19 (Day 129)


Hey so I didnt get to write yesterday because yesterday was beyond crazy! We basically had a normal pday to start but then I get this call from my zone leader and he says "you that you have a doctors at ppointment at 5 right?" "I said you joking me right?" I freaked out a little bit and we went an hour to linda vista and didnt get back until 8 it was quite the day and so I didnt get the chance to write anyone but yeah. Im fine and we had a good day despite the craziness. 

Wow a lot happened this last week! Which temple did brytin go to? Super cool thiat she got some of the names done! Baptisms and confirmations for the dead are sooooooo important and its a blessing for us that were doing this now. 

As for work Im guessing things are starting to become a little more nomal which is good and I keep forgetting that its summer I still feel like everyone is in school haha. 

Aw I want some pictures of the wedding! Im sure christine and alyssa both looked fantastic! They always do so no importa! Ha one thing that Ive gained here is weight I am officially 7 pounds heavier...... yeah and with how short I am you can tell haha but hey its my testimony haha.  Yeah well im happy to here that everything is going well for you guys and well I only have 13 months left Im dying at how fast its been. 

But yeah tell jace and dad feliz cumpleaƱos for me! 

PS I thought about erin this week. Haha just out of the blue if you see her  again tell her to write me!! 
I Love you all have a great summer week!

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