Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 16 & Week 17


Okay so this week SO MUCH HAPPENED! I dont even know where to start just so much going on and yeah there were a lot of tears this week good and bad!
Monday: Monday was a normal p day we played futbol and did our normal thing not much happens on p days well other than talking to everyone I know haha.
Tuesday: We had a great day! We ha a zone meeting in the morning and we were actually on time to this one. After the zone meeting we went to the tianguis to contact and buy fruit because its cheaper and such and we were doing some contacting but not much. We had to eat out that day we ate at this little cocinita it was pretty decent the tacos were good. After though we contacted 35 people an all time high for our companionship! Lets just say I went back to la casa ready for bed and very satisfied.
Wednesday: Was normal from what I can remember. I dont remember a whole lot from wednesday but I know that we did a lot haha.
Thursday: Everything went down hill FAST..... We had an investigator who was ready to be baptized and went in for the entrevista and the person who did the entrevista said that our investigator wouldnt be able to be baptized. Our investigator was heart broken and angry. We had anothe cita so we went there and returned to the house of that investigator and he told us tht he didnt want to be baptized anymore because they told dhim that he would have to wait two weeks. My comp was tryin so hard with him and then we left again for another cita. That was Thursday so many tears.
Friday: We had entrevistas con presidente. Mine went well and like every Hermana thatshas an entrevista con presidente we all come out crying. Its the best. My comp went in and told presidente the situation with our investigator and the next thing I know is that I was called in the room and presidente dijo your going to have a baptism tomorrow because based on the testimony of my companion ella sabe que su investigadore esta listo para el bautismo. I couldnt believe it! That day was better.
Saturday: Was so hectic! We were preparing for not just one baptism but 3! We had un Niño in the ward that turn 8 and was ready for baptism, our investigator and and investigator from the elders. It was so crazy! Haha okay so these 3 baptisms all have something funny about them haha. First to go was the Niña from the elders. she wsa baptized by her older brother. Haha the first time the prayer and almst everything went great except she didnt go under the water all the way do they had to restart, well the brother didnt know he had to say the blessing again so he just dunked his sister again really quickly that time he didnt say the prayer so he had to do it one more time and the last time everything was perfect it was just super fast haha. The second baptism was the 8 yr old, he had memorized the entire prayer and his dad was baptizing him well his dad forgot the first part of the prayer and his son, the 8yr old says Dad! no you forgot such and such! It was a little bit funny. The last the Bishop did haha when he got in the water el dijo "oi que rico" which means how nice or oh how good directly translated haha and our investigator gets in and says the same thing haha oh just to tell you now you investigator is 82 yrs old and has put on quite a few pounds. And so the bishop says the prayer and put our inves. in the water and when he tried to get back up he could barely lift him out haha aftert he comes out the water they close the like doors to the room and the bishop says I just want to go for a quick swim and lays back in the water really quickly well our investigator does the same they both just sat there playing in the water for a ouple minutes having a good time. oh it was awesome!  My comp and I had to give a short lesson after the baptisms and we were infront of the font when all of a sudden we hear a loud slam, thud, SPLASH!..... Oh! EL NIÑO SE CAO!!! from our investigator! we open the doors to the font a little bit and our investigator in in his boxers and he pulling a little kid out of the water. Hahaha I was a little worried at first but after we all just laughed. it was the funniest baptiams but they were all super good too!
 Sunday: We went to church and taught a few menos activos. it was a very peaceful sunday.
well that was my week! It was a roller coaster but it was good! Oh! On the 5 I will have officially 3 months in my mission. Time is soooooo fast! 
Love you all!

-Hermana waterlyn


Wow your week sounds just as hard as mine was. Its fantastic though that you found you genealogy!! Because yeah We're doing the same thing here and I needed all thouse names so yeah Thanks for doing the work! Brytin needs to take alyssa with her! you can always be doing missionary work as a member! We recieve so many blessigs from it. I also really miss going to the temple yesterday we wnt to the visiters center and it was super cool! Nothing has given me more peace and comfort in my life than the temple I can't wait to go either here or at home again. Also please dont die..... The msisioary transfers are next week... I dont want my trainer to leave because I need to learn more. She also keeps saying that Im going to trin this next transfer I dont believe it but I dont know Im a little afraid to know. But if I am Ill just have a lot of opportunities to learn for myself...... I hope y'all have a great week!

Love ya!!

-Hermana waterlyn

Heres some pictures from this last week! 

-Hermana waterlyn

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