Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 18


Ah esta bien no se preocupe. I got my new companion! Shes really great!!! Today is the first day with her so i dont know vrey much but shes great!! 

Camping sounds fun! Ah girls camp I miss girls camp. Its her last year thats crazy! Ha summer too Here is a little like summer everyday so Im happy haha. no its actually cold in the mornings so thats somethings I didnt know. I think youll be fine with the job. Honestly the boys need you and brytin too. I think thats one things we did well though because when we are together we atually have fun and thats one thing I miss is the busy days with the family haha its really weird but yeah I miss that. Anyway this last week my trainer went home and I stayed with another Hna forthe weekend it was different but we worked really well and yeah now I have my new comp and I think things are going to settle down here for 6 weeks and well see what happens the next transfer. Oh and didnt Justin See come home? If so that cool! Tell the Members I say hi! Have a great week and learn lots! Love y'all!  

-Hermana waterlyn

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