Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 15


Well yeah I was super excited to see everyone and I gotta be honest the mission is pretty exciting! There's always something new and fun to learn about here and Ive been in Mexico for two months in an area that is tiny. So Im excited for the all the new things that I get to do and get to see. 
It always seems like you guys have so much to do during the week! Its crazy! 

Well all in all your weeks sound stressful but thats a good thing. I glad that sarahs baby is doing well! Aw I forgot bralyn is getting married soon! Wow its seems like not too long ago they were in maui but thats pretty cool!!! Yeah I think Ill have a better hang of the whole skype thing in December. Yeah no Justin is the See's oldest son and yeah its crazy how time is! I mena hey in December Ill have 10 months in the mission so its not for too long. Only 7 months more and itll be December and the december after that Ill be home so no worries. 

The Book of Mormon is the proof of our religion. In Isaiah 29 it talks about another testament and that its sealed until a certain time. In the BIBLE it talks about the book that we have right now. I think thats proof enough and also the miracles that come from just reading it are amazing.  

I read a little bit of that talk and I remeber it from conference. I have ots of notes on that talk because it applies so well to missionary work and when you feel discouraged to try to meet your goals for the week and how we only have a year and a half to two years to do the work of God, so right now we need to work and keep working until we are asked to stop. We can't stop not in this mission because we have so little time. 

Yeah I dont get a whole lot of time to write but I do write every now and again I think ll start writing in the mornings from now on. Health wise everything is great! And happy.. Im a missionary. Im sorry that Cadens sick though thats gotta be rough. Hope all goes well this week!
Love ya!

-Hermana waterlyn

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